General contracting conditions on online shop

BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. makes available to its clients, their online shop (hereinafter, the web), for the purpose of letting them acquire the products that are offered in the same.

For any claim, the client will be able to contact:

BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA, Finca La Moreira, s/N 36438 Arbo (Pontevedra) Tel. 986 665 825 Email:

You are recommended to read the Sales Conditions before proceeding to order.

In order to make any purchase on requires that the user register on the website by filling out a form. In order to make purchases on the website of BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U., the client will be able to expressly consent to the General Contracting Conditions.

BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. will be able to modify at any time the sales conditions, always respecting prior commitments acquired by their clients. Modifications will be made public on the website in order to make everyone aware.

BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. se compromete a no permitir ninguna transacción que sea ilegal, o se considere por las marcas de tarjetas de crédito o el banco adquiriente, que pueda o tenga el potencial de dañar la buena voluntad de los mismos o influir de manera negativa en ellos. Las siguientes actividades están prohibidas en virtud de los programas de las marcas de tarjetas: la venta u oferta de un producto o servicio que no sea de plena conformidad con todas las leyes aplicables al Comprador, Banco Emisor, Comerciante, Titular de la tarjeta, o tarjetas. Además, las siguientes actividades también están prohibidas explícitamente: Venta de bebidas alcohólicas a menores de 18 años.

Sales Limitations

Offers present on the website and the services provided by BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. will be addressed solely and exclusively to physical persons of adult age, or legal persons considered consumers or users in relation to existing law (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November). Consequently, people who do not fulfil the above requirements will not be able to acquire the products on the website.

To that end, through accepting the present conditions of sale, the user declares that he or she is a person with the capacity to contract and has read and accepted these General Contracting Conditions.


BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. will be able to increase its products as well as improve the existing ones.

Prices and Payment

BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. will be able to modify, replace or update the prices of the products that are currently offered on their website.

The prices and fees applied are those that figure at any moment on the website

The prices displayed on the website appear in euros and include Value Added Tax (VAT).

Not included in the prices are the costs of transport and insurance.

Shipment Costs

Costs of shipment may be modified at any time without prior notice.

Costs of shipment will be calculated based on weight and destination.

Costs of shipment will be calculated once the purchase has been confirmed and the address of delivery provided.

The shipment will be made gree of charge to the Penninsula and Balearic Islands for orders valued at or above €55.

Delivery of orders

The time-frame for delivery on orders to the Penninsula or Balearic Islands is 48-72 hours (except for holidays and weekends), beginning on the moment that the order is received and payment is made properly.

In order to facilitate the delivery it will be necessary to complete the sales form correctly. It is recommended that a telephone number be included in the corresponding field.

No deliveries will be made on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Following up on the order

The client can find out the status of their order, through the website or through the phone number of BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U., as made available for client concerns: 986 665 825 or through email:


The client will receive an invoice for each one of their purchases, through email or directly with the delivery of the order.

Changes and/or reimbursements


The client will have a time-frame of fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the product in order to exercise their right to desist, totally or in part, the purchase of the product, in accordance with applicable law.

IN accordance with what is set forth in Article 102.1 and 2 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the modified text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users, and other complementary laws, rights may not be exercises for bottles that have been open due to deterioration of the content in such cases.

Once the fourteen (14) days have elapsed, BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. will no longer accept returns.

Returns of the products should be directed to the following address: BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U., Finca La Moreira, s/n 36438 Arbo (Pontevedra). Tel. 986 665 825.

Costs of transportation for the return will be borne by the client.

The product or products should be in perfect condition and will be returned in their original packaging and state; a proof of sale as well as accessories or gifts included will be included.

Once the return has been received, BODEGAS MARQUÉS DE VIZHOJA S.A.U. will proceed to verify the products and carry out the payment corresponding to the purchase within a span of fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt, in accordance with the payment method employed by the client.


El cliente podrá cancelar; sin coste alguno, siempre y cuando no haya sido enviado al pedido al usuario.

Right regarding defective products

The client will have the right to reimburse the price of the products delivered if they do not correspond with the order made by the client. The client will have the right to claim, and for the same product to the one requested to be delivered in perfect condition within a maximum span of fifteen (15) days from the receipt of the order, receiving a replacement in this manner.

The client will not have to face the costs of the return for the defective products.

Payment Methods

Acceptabe payment methods are: credit or debit card, Paypal or Bizum. No other forms of payment outside of those established in these conditions will be allowed.

A Secure Payment system is used. When the user has made a purchase with a card, they will access the page of the banking entity in order to enter their credentials of the same.

Payment information is wholly confidential.